Prof. Dr. Francescopaolo Mattioli




Full Professor of General Surgery University of Genoa (*)


Director Division R Clinical Surgery, San Martino Hospital and Affiliated University Clinics (*)


Director Section of General Surgery, Department of Morphological Surgical Disciplines and Integrated Methods (DICMI), University of Genoa (*)


Director, Residency Program for Surgery of the Digestive System and Surgical Endoscopy, University of Genoa (*)


Professor (LD) of 'Clinica Chirurgica Generale e Terapia Chirurgica'

Professor (LD) of 'Anatomia e Istologia Patologica '  

Professor (LD) of 'Patologia Speciale Chirurgica e Propedeutica Clinica'

 (*) 31-10-2002

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